Vendor Vignettes


Big thanks to Ulrich Brinkmann for a wonderful “Vendor Vignette” in leading up to this year’s Market Hill — a curation of the world’s best antiques, furniture, home decor and decorative arts sold by the world's most interesting cast of vendors.

“Whether it’s layering paint thickly with a palette knife or layering paper in a collage, creating texture is a recurring technique in Stephanie Wheeler’s work.

“A close second to color, texture is my favorite element in the creation of my artwork,“ Wheeler says.

“Texture adds depth in a painting that tends to hold the viewer’s attention. It allows the viewer to continually seek and find new and interesting passages, which keeps the eye coming Stephanie Wheeler back for more discovery within the piece. If I can achieve this, I have done my job.”

Recent travels in France and Maine have provided inspiration for her landscapes and abstracts this season. She also has a new collection of collages that incorporate a variety of materials as well as bright, colorful fluid inks. Visit her new website for a peek at what you can expect to find at Market Hill.”